Autoverwertung Franken

On April 1st, 1998, just in time before the prescription for old cars came into force, the Autoverwertung Franken AVF GmbH in Schwabach (Kiefernschlag 22) was brought on line. The company is not only one of the most modern recycling companies, it also put the concept into practice according to the motto of the Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber in his government statement "Offensive Bavarian Future”:

The connection between economy and ecology. The AVF GmbH targets to get the best utilization of old cars. The aim is a dismantling which makes ecological sense and is also economical. There shouldn't be a "downrecycling" at any price. But when a reduction of materials into the economic cycle is possible we want to do it. “Our dismounted bumpers are really found again in the shells of wheel arches of new cars!“ our manager Mr. Horvath says. We disassemble old cars under modern aspects: the tanks are pumped dry and after beeing filtered the fuel is sold again at our own petrol station. The cooling solvents are treated in a reprocessing plant and then they are sold again.

The usefuls parts of the old cars are collected data and they are camped in a great journal. Nevertheless it is possible to detach customised parts of car bodies and to use them for crashed cars to repair them after accidents. For “Do-it-youself-persons” it is possible to dismantle the cars and assemble the parts then in their cars. And if you need help there is always a motor mechanic who can be asked. Over 8 million has the chief partner of the AVF, the Schwabacher disposal firm Bonn, invested to be able to act economically and environmentally acceptable at the same time. This started with the choice of the location: Bonns Autoscheune stands on a former disposal for old tyres. Experts thought it infeasable, but it actually succeeded. On the whole area a two metres thick, static mat was built in to guarantee the stability of the buildings. Consciously they didn’t use environmentally incompatible materials. The entire more storeys high and approximately 3000 cbm wide building was built up in a timber construction. The inner panelling, the external façade, the windows, and the doors are made of untreated wood.