Modern Car Recycling

Since April 1 st, 1998 the enactment about old vehicles applies. Since then only companies which were accredited by independent experts are allowed to collect old vehicles. The modern car recycling is more than scrapping.Environmental awareness and effective potential recycable reclamation and the marketing of examined used spare parts is our request since the foundation of the AVF. Since August 14th, 2002 we are accredited and have a leading position in environmental protection and quality. We are accredited to recycle all makes of cars. After having delivered an old car we make an assessment of vehicle performance capability. You can see then if there are interesting parts for the spare part market or either the vehicle is for recycling only or it is a potential recyclable reclamation. The next step is (if existing) to dismantle the airbag, the belt pretensioner and the car battery. In a later action the belt pretension and airbag are either ignited or made useless so that there can’t be any danger from the explosive materials. After that the whole car is dried up i.e. all operating materials are taken out without remainding anything inside. This is very expensive but absolutely necessary because operating materials can’t run out at further processing and be dangerous for the environment. Operating materials are either seperately caught, stored, used again or finally disposed. By that time we have had enormous costs for recycling but we can cover these expenses with the marketing of the dismantled spare parts. But not all of them can be brought to market immediately. They are collected by using computerised support and stored. At the moment our stock is about 150 000 certificated spare parts, from the starter to the ignition distributer, from the micro switch to the twelve- cylinder engine, all parts are available immediately. If that isn’t enough for you, you can have a look around at our lot after having registered in our buro. You will find about 100 old cars, which are cleanly stored in shelves, and you can have a look yourself if you find something fitting for you. All spare parts, which habe been dismantled by us, are checked for their operability. If a spare part is damaged against our expectations we always offer exchage within a fortnight. Exeptions are parts including glass and electronic parts. Only a vera small part of an old vehicle can be brought on the market again. There are different ways of Recycling for the left components. There exists a market for various kinds of metals and plastics, but the costs for a profiterable recycling are too high.